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About Veshesh


Veshesh has an uncanny ability to transform the ordinary into extraordinary with his musical prowess. A mystical aura surrounds him when he amalgamates Indian and Western beats to generate surreal and soothing music. A percussionist aiming at perfection, he has the tenacity and passion needed to generate emotional responses from his audience. His music invokes deep connection with people of all age groups and transcends into the realm of surreal.

Veshesh is adept at mixing electronic music, Dub step, House, Psychedelic, Hip hop, Trance, Jazz, Country, Reggae, Retro, Techno, Break beat, Downtempo, Ambient with Electronic Dhol,Electronic Tablas, Mridangam,Pakhawaj, Djembe, Dufli, Timbale,Cajon, Drums,Congo, Dholak,Matka, Bhapang,Rainstick, Ocean drum ,Thunder pipe, Darbuka and many more. Music is his passion which reflects through his live performances. Having left his imprints in the opening set of Sonu Nigam show in Bangkok in 2011, he marches ahead with firm determination and irrevocable faith in himself and his hard work. Veshesh has rendered scintillating performances at Apollo Tyres’ annual meet in Hong Kong, Harem, Garden of Five Senses and distinguished five star hotels like The Leela, Claridges, Hilton and Sheraton to name a few. Veshesh took on to Latin and African percussions recently. His zealous jugalbandi with one of the finest female tabla players in India, Anuradha Pal, culminated in a glittering function at Epicentre, Gurgaon. Veshesh also performed at big music festival like Indian Music Conference (IMC) held at Goa, Banglore and Delhi.

Owing to his achievements at such a young age, this self-sustained artist has been interviewed by leading media groups and channels like Sahara , P7 news , Ayur Living India and Pragya. Moreover, Veshesh shared his journey, experiences and played on his percussions so far on Radio Mirchi with RJ Naved,Meow now "Oye" 104.8, Rainbow F.M 102.6 .  “Music is all around us. It is a soul purifying experience and I try to get people closer to the magic resonated by music”, he states. Not shying away from hard work, he advocates complete immersion in the process of pursuing one’s dreams. Veshesh has been learning music since the age of 4. He dedicates 3-4 hours per day to riyaaz till date.

Veshesh has covered a long journey from simple trash to a drum-crash. Right from his childhood, he started practicing music from sounds emanating around him. He started playing cold-drink cans, biscuit packs, and combined sounds by tapping utensils at home. That’s how he realized his unquenchable thirst for making it big in the music industry. With immense support from his parents, he took on the journey to turn his dreams into reality. Nature has been his inspiration and he has picked sounds like the chirping of birds, rustling of leaves and the whirling wind into his music. Veshesh is a government certified DJ whose mixing grips audience instantaneously. He is a music producer as well.

Commanding attention and applause, his music charms one and all. Veshesh has been schooled in the traditional gharana styles of Ajarara and Varanasi. He has been trained on the “Tabla” by Guru Pandit Radhey Shyam of All India Radio and Doordarshan fame. Following his guru’s footsteps, Veshesh has performed for AIR as well. Veshesh has been one of the few lucky ones to have attained invaluable dictates from the living legend Dr. Zakhir Hussain in a brief tete-a-tete. Moreover, he has had the golden opportunity to meet and imbibe tips and lessons from the evergreen musical maestro Hari Prasad Chaurasiya, Anup Jalota,Talvin Singh, Vijay Ghate, Sabir khan, Taufiq Qureshi, Faizal Qureshi, Anuradha Pal, Sivamani, Nayan Ghosh,Yogesh Shamshi,Pandit Shiv kumar Sharma and contemporary artists Vishal-Shekar And Sajid-Wajid.

Veshesh believes in sharing and spreading knowledge. He holds music workshops in various schools and colleges to train budding artists. He believes that one learns throughout one’s life and being trained under professional guidance polishes an amateur artist. Veshesh has realized, developed and honed his skills under the guidance of his gurus Pandit Radhe Shyam Sharma,Late Ustaad Shafat Ahmed Khan and Mohd. Idris Khan. Striking a balance between theoretical studies and professional practice has been his formula. He won the best student award while pursuing Diploma in Media studies from AAFT/FTP.  He has also undertaken advanced training for table and is state level winner in Tabla instrumental.  His sequential and recurring performances at parties, college fests, events and concerts re-iterate his increasing appeal among the masses. Alluring youth with a magnetic pull through his percussions, Veshesh has bagged accolades with his performances at IIT Roorkee, IIT Kanpur, Lovely University and St. Margaret College of Engineering, Jaipur to name a few. Having left no stone unturned, he has spread his musical aura at the French Embassy as well.

A man of principles, Veshesh quotes “Work to express, not to impress”. Veshesh believes in using music as a medicine to heal ailing hearts in society. He has composed music for many orphanages and old-aged homes as a honorary gesture for them.  Music connects people and Veshesh aims at becoming the connecting thread among people of various cultures, sects and countries. For him, music reverberates in everything around. From the rustling of leaves to the ring of a cycle bell, Veshesh incorporates minute day-to-day sounds into his music to make it creative and innovative. He can turn the mundane into memorable with his magical musical touch.  His music is fresh, enchanting and soulful.

Veshesh has dedicated his life to music with complete compassion. With all his will and zeal to succeed, he has put his best foot forward in solemnizing his debut album, Talaash (to be released soon). 

Veshesh is an acclaimed percussionist ready to stir your soul with his sublime sonorous performances !!!